Friday, September 06, 2013

Dulaang Unibersidad ng Pilipinas presents The Duchess of Malfi / Ang Dukesa ng Malfi)

Dulaang Unibersidad ng Pilipinas presents The Duchess of Malfi / Ang Dukesa ng Malfi runs from September 11 - September 29 at the Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero Theater, Palma Hall, UP Diliman, Quezon City.

Get your tickets now! Please contact the Dulaang UP Office at 926-1349, 981-8500 local 2449 or 433-7840 and look for Ms. Camille Guevara (0917-823-9531).

Follow us on Twitter for more information: @Official_DUP

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Scotch-Brite™ Celebrates 50 Years through Service

For generations, we always see present in our kitchens and homes those green and yellow scrub sponges that have been consistent to our everyday cleaning. 50 years later, our partners in the kitchen and the home has evolved and expanded to even mops and brooms.
This year, Scotch-Brite™ celebrates its 50 years in the country through service. A simultaneous clean up initiated by the brand in partnership with local government units as a way of paying thanks and giving forward to the community.

Reggie Pulumbarit, VP for Consumer & Office Business of 3M Philippines said Scotch-Brite™ thought of initiating the campaign to instill a sense of responsibility among their own employees, some of whom are residents of municipalities of the clean-up, to inspire citizens at large to continue to do small tasks for their city. It was decided by the brand that beyond cleaning, Responsibility, Bayanihan, and the spirit of volunteerism are within its abilities to create a stronger and even better partnership with the communities and homes.  

“We wanted to take advantage of this simple opportunity to communicate that good citizens can do more than just vote, we can also do our little share to make our immediate environment clean and functional. Because we had products that can clean, we thought of making these products available to the schools so they can make the schools and classrooms functional again at the earliest possible time“ Pulumbarit said.

The clean up was conducted in 4 schools, mostly used as precints for the elections, namely, Maximo Estrella Elementary School in Makati, Malabon National High School in Malabon, Rizal Technological University in Mandaluyong, and IMUS Pilot Elementary School in Cavite.

Members of these respective schools, city volunteers, local government offices (including the Department of Environmental Service and City Administrators) and 3M Employees all worked together to pick up campaign debris and swept, mopped and cleaned up the schools grounds.

Danilo Villas, department head of environmental services in Makati, said that they are thankful for the partnership between the government and private sector initiated by 3M and acknowledged the need for more similar collaborative efforts for government projects to really take off and become standard practice.

 “Thank you for this first garbage-free election in our city” ‘This symbolizes our goals towards creating a clean environment and aiming for clean governance”.

Scotch- Brite™ has also been present in the clean- up of hospitals, orphanages and other public schools, beyond these clean ups is a company directive of awareness to the nation’s needs, placing efforts to environments where they can help.

Scotch-Brite™ Brand offers brilliant cleaning tools to make the world a brighter place. Scotch-Brite™ is available in all leading stores and supermarkets. Scotch-Brite™ is trademark of 3M.

3M captures the spark of new ideas and transforms them into thousands of ingenious products. Our culture of creative collaboration inspires a never-ending stream of powerful technologies that make life better. 3M is the innovation company that never stops inventing. With $30 billion in sales, 3M employs about 88,000 people worldwide and has operations in more than 70 countries. For more information, visit or like 3M.Philippines on Facebook for news and updates. 

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Campaign Series: 1st Week of Cong. Cesar V. Sarmiento's Campaign

We're done with the first week of Cong. Cesar Sarmiento's campaign. This is my first-ever real experience of an election in Catanduanes -- hearing jingles and seeing candidates visit every house in a barangay. It's even made special like an extra scoop of ice cream on top of my halo-halo because I'm part of the campaign team and I could see both faces of an election. This experience gives me a broader view of what election is -- the anticipation and reaction of every person you meet and the hard works of every man in the team.

Now, I deeply understand how things work and the dedication these candidates give during this time. With all the hardship a candidate may encounter along the way and after he/she wins, I must say that it takes so much passion and love for one to decide to enter politics or public service.

People outside the walls of a politician or an aspiring politician's world don't realize this until they become part of this world... just like what happened to me. Before I knew Cong. Cesar and became part of his team, I view election as a nonsense parade of faces, hands and promises soon to be broken. They just come and go... they never seemed striking at all.

After joining and walking with Cong. Cesar Vergara Sarmiento in the barangay sorties or the house-to-house campaign, a lot of these views changed. This made me even more convinced that he is truly different from other politicians who only think of quotas per visit. He would give time to chat with every person in the house -- old or young, healthy or sick and neat or not... everyone was treated equally as if they've known each other for so long. Then I realized that with this style, he connects to the people so the people remember not just his name but also his character. This is also a way for him to thank the people and for people who appreciate his work thank him, too.

Today, campaign period for me is not just a mere nonsense parade, it's already a  time to create a relationship with people whom you're going to serve; to understand what they need so in time when you set foot in your chosen position, you know where to start and what to do.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Stanhome World Philippines first-ever Operators Conference


Stanhome World Philippines (SWP) continues to make strides in the local direct selling market by opening new service centers in Metro Manila and in Northern Luzon, bringing the total number to 16 branches nationwide. SWP also held its first Operators Conference at the Manila Peninsula Hotel with SWP executives, operators, its beneficiary Virlanie Foundation and Home Care Ambassador Carmina Villarroel and guests gracing the occasion. SWP President Ina Quiogue revealed the company’s new products, sales incentives and future plans at the Conference. Above, the Stanhome World Philippines Sales team, led by Regional Sales and Operations Managers Yell Carreon (extreme left) and Minoy Jocson (4th from right), celebrate the event with (L-R), SWP Human Resources Manager Analyn Carmona, SWP Marikina Service Center Operator Irene Kimpo, SWP Novaliches Service Center Operator Elmer Kimpo, SWP Home Care Ambassador Carmina Villaroel, Stanhome World Research & Development Project Leader Vanina Paganelli, Virlanie Volunteer Anne Prikhodko, Virlanie Fundraising and Communications Manager Jenny Rodil and Virlanie Executive Director Alwin de Leon.
Carmina Villaroel, Stanhome Home Care Ambassador, was the special guest at the first Stanhome World Philippines (SWP) Operators Conference held at the Manila Peninsula Hotel recently. At the event, Carmina shared her personal home care secrets and talked about the importance of using high-quality home care products for the family. Above, SWP Regional Sales and Operations Managers Minoy Jocson and Yell Carreon present their brand ambassador with a congratulatory bouquet.

Friday, October 05, 2012

No Screen Bigger Than Theater

"No screen bigger than theater." 

Is it true? How about the movie houses' screens--the 3D one, a plasma TV or a projector? Aren't they bigger than theater? If you have seen a play even once or an avid play-goer you'll agree with this tagline. If you haven't watched any play, continue reading this blog or research furthermore.

Literally and figuratively, theater is really the biggest screen ever made. Physically, theater stages and backdrops can be so enormous depending on the set-up the director wants. It can be a tiny spot, a platform, a car, a roof,  forest, the sea, the entire theater or whatever it is that a creative, wild, crazy and genius mind can imagine. Figuratively, it is the biggest screen because the shows or scenes are extended beyond the actors and the stage. Some plays are made to be interactive and require audience participation. Theatre plays depict the unusual stories and tackles personal to social to universal issues. They are obra maestras that are always available to the public's eyes. People behind these works create them for the world to see, to feel and to experience. They are not the typical mainstream stories, they are intellectual and substantial. Thus, may cost more than an ordinary film does. Yet, no matter how much a ticket will cost, there are still many people who watch plays. They really look out for the latest shows, be it locally-produced or an internationally-acclaimed ones.

Like these people, I also developed the love for Theatre. I owe it to my Alma Mater and to the curriculum given by my course. I always love dramas, plays, presentations and operas since I was young. I have a great inclination to stages... I love being on the stage and every action that's taking place on it. In my early semesters in college, my subjects would require students to watch at least one play per semester. The first play I watched was called Shadows of the Reef, directed by world renowned Filipino director Anton Diaz. It was a right timing and opportunity for me to experience a breath-taking, world-class play. The story was inspired by the Muro Ami, a dangerous and illegal fishing technique done by many local fishermen. Everything about it was so splendid-- the music, the actors, the storyline, the conversations, the settings, the props and the entire production. It even had a good ending: a huge net fell on the audiences' heads and we were caught up like schools of fish... our participation in the play became more than just viewers, we became whole with the play.

After that play, my love for theater plays grew bigger. I watched every play shown in UP and I always found myself internalizing too much or embracing the characters' emotions even more. Now that I already graduated, I still find chances to watch plays whenever my schedule and my budget allow me to. The latest play I watched was the stage adaptation of National Artist Lino Brocka's film BONA. It was PETA's opening show for its 45th season and was staged to "pay homage to one of the treasures of Philippine cinema, a National Artist who was one of PETA’s founders, to an actress who defined Filipino films, and to Coco Martin’s essential acting lineage."

Photo by: XaiReen Rose (
This adaption directed by Soxie Topacio featured Eugene Domingo as Bona (the fan turned fanatic), Edgar Allan Guzman as Gino (the aspiring, trying-hard, womanizer, gigolo actor), BJ Forbes a.k.a. Tolits, Phil Noble, Joey Paras, Raffy Tejada, Jef Henson-Dee and many more. The play ran from August 24 to September 23, 2012. 

He is GINO... he is... yes, handsome and hot but a selfish man. Surely, you'd like to hate him for being like that. Photo courtesy: XaiReen Rose (

I watched the play with my elementary friends and bought our tickets for Php 800.00 each. It's worth it because we sat near the stage and saw the actions up-close plus PETA is a very intimate theatre so the price is okay. Most of the actors played their roles very well and you can see and feel that their talent is genuine. 

Behind the scene: You can buy souvenirs at the theatre and some also provide photobooths

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Stanhome World product purchases to benefit Virlanie Foundation

Stanhome World Philippines will help raise funds for the education and upkeep of street children under the care of the Virlanie Foundation, a non-government organization concerned with children’s welfare.

The No. 1 direct selling homecare company in the European Union has made Virlanie the beneficiary of its September promo that allocates a portion of its product sales for the Foundation.

Ina Quiogue, Stanhome World Philippines president said that a portion of every purchase of its home care and family care products – First-Mate Gel Disinfectant, Honey Cream Hydrating Hand and Body Lotion, Hugs and Kisses Sweet Burst Cologne and Hand Repair Treatment Gel– for the whole month of September will go to the Stanhome-Virlanie Fundraising Project.

Stanhome World, based in Paris, France and a member of the French-owned beauty group Yves Rocher, is passionately dedicated here and abroad to women’s well-being and concerns such as a high-quality home, healthy children and a cared for family.

Virlanie founded by Frenchman Dominique Lemay reaches out to abandoned, abused, neglected and orphaned street children and is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2012.

Quiogue said Stanhome World Philippines chose to support Virlanie not just because of its French origins but because like the foundation, SWP avidly pushes for children’s rights. “Wherever it is in the world, Stanhome World supports charities whose thrust is to help children. Because of that commitment our products are carefully designed and formulated with family and environmental health in mind.”

 Both Virlanie Foundation and Stanhome World Philippines have come to the Philippines to change lives, and will pursue its commitment to build a better world today for a child’s brighter tomorrow, Quiogue added.For information on how to help and give to Virlanie 

Foundation Inc., visit the Virlanie Foundation Inc. website, or go to Stanhome World’s Facebook Page at


About Stanhome World and Stanhome World Philippines

Stanhome World is an internationally established brand based in Europe. Considered the #1 Direct-Selling Home Care Company in the European Union, Stanhome World is part of the Groupe Yves Rocher group of companies. It carries two (2) successful and fast-growing brands: STANHOME, an extensive line of high-quality and innovative products for home and family strengthened by over 80 years of experience, and KIOTIS, a luxury beauty line boasting of essential oil-based products that serve to boost both beauty and well-being. After years of expanding in other international markets, Stanhome World brings their topnotch work to Asia, with the Philippines as its first home. Stanhome World Philippines boasts of the same quality care brought by its global counterparts, utilizing high European standards to help benefit Filipino families all over the nation.

Rainy Day Safety Tips to take with you on the road

Whatever the season, safe driving is always the No.1 concern of motorists. However, the rainy season is when motorists have to be most careful and vigilant. Here are some ways to make sure that you’ll be driving safe on wet and slippery streets.

Make sure your car is in good shape.
Check your wipers, brakes, brake lights, tire quality and tire pressure. Visibility is a two-way thing in motoring. Make sure your vehicle is readily visible to other motorists, especially in heavy downpours. Be vigilant about the small details.

Drive through familiar places.
Go through routes that you know very well, and those that you know do not get flooded often. As a general rule, if your vehicle gets submerged to about half the wheel’s height or higher, don’t go through the water. Also remember that some seemingly harmless puddles can be hiding a chasm of a pothole that could do damage to your car.

Drive defensively.
Driving in the rain easily equates to defensive driving. Slow down and always be aware of the cars around you. Track the car in front of you and maintain proper distance. Don’t slam on the brakes, as that could make you skid and slip on the road.

Always have an emergency kit.
Whether it be medicine and bandages, or the right tools to solve quick car problems, emergency kits go a long way in tricky situations. A change of clothes, toiletries, and even some food provisions stashed in your vehicle could help lighten up a hassle too.
Use proper tires.
Getting the right type of tires for the season is a basic necessity never to be ignored. Get a tire with good traction and that can brake well on wet surfaces. Look for models that are specifically designed for rainy weather. MICHELIN tires are a good fit for driving conditions that calls for durable and reliable tires for a safe ride. The leading brand in tire technology, MICHELIN offers a vast range of tire models that cater to every need and deliver top standards in safety, fuel efficiency and long-lasting tires. Visit for more information.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Underwater Data Cable Connects Four Countries

Several telecommunications companies—Japan’s NTT, the Philippines’ PLDT, Singapore’s StarHub and Telecom Malaysia—have worked together to build the Asia Submarine-cable Express (ASE), the fastest data cable in the continent.

The 7,800-km ASE, located under the sea, can transmit data at 40 gigabits per second (40Gbps). This speed is as fast as downloading an HD movie in only two seconds.

ASE is three milliseconds faster than other connections that link Tokyo and Singapore. With this speed, thousands of computer-based business deals can be done very quickly.

Through the new cable, banks and financial groups would be able to respond faster to changes in the market. Many financial decisions nowadays are done through computer programs. Ralph Silva of Silva Research Network says that transmitting data just a millisecond faster than others can really make or break a group’s investment.

Engineers also made sure the ASE’s path is straight enough to lessen data transmission time to 65 milliseconds.

Hiroyuki Matsumoto, senior director of network services at NTT, says they also planned for natural disasters before laying out the cables.  Many underwater cables were damaged by earthquakes in Japan in 2011 and earthquakes in Taiwan in 2006. Telecom companies had to send remote-controlled robots 2,500 meters under the sea to fix these connections.

Matsumoto said they avoided placing the cable near the Taiwan area, where earthquakes happen more often and placed ASE near the Philippines instead, where it would be safer from damage.

The company PLDT announced that the ASE is the largest undersea cable system in the country. It is also the first cable directly connecting Japan and the Philippines.

Source: Rarejob

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fresh breath can be your best charm offensive

Bad breath may ruin one’s social life. Imagine meeting someone for the first time who gets a whiff of unpleasant breath. He or she might avoid eye contact with you in a conversation, or worse, might even leave the room all together. If you have bad breath, consider all first impressions a big failure before they even start.

According to microbiologists, bad breath is caused by bacteria in the mouth. When you eat, food is broken down for proper digestion. Bacteria react to the protein found in food and produces a sulfurous compound that gives breath a rotten smell. Other dental problems, like cavities and gum disease, also cause bad breath.

Unfortunately, you can never tell when you have bad breath. Like the snorer who can’t hear himself snore, you aren’t easily aware of how your own breath smells.

So how can you be 100% sure what your breath smells like? Here are some ways to find out:
         Wipe the back of your tongue with a clean cotton ball or use unflavored and unwaxed dental floss to clean your back teeth. Wait a few minutes, then smell the cotton ball or the dental floss. The scent you get should give you an idea of what your own breath smells like.

         Do you often have a “bad taste in the mouth?” Regardless of whether you ate something foul or not, this can be an indication that you might have bad breath.

         The best way to find out for sure is to ask a good friend, a family member or even your dentist. It’s better to learn the bitter truth upfront than to offend others unknowingly.

Fighting and preventing bad breath requires practicing proper dental hygiene. These days, simply brushing teeth regularly is not enough. You need to make sure that your entire mouth -- teeth and gums included – is well protected.

Stanhome World, the No. 1 Direct-Selling Home Care Company in the European Union, introduces FRESH IT Peppermint Refreshing Mouthwash. Not only does it reach the parts of your mouth that a regular toothbrush cannot reach, FRESH IT is also specially formulated to eliminate 99.999% of oral bacteria. With a double-acting solution that protects both teeth and gums, Stanhome’s new product helps prevent Gingivitis, or a case of swollen and sensitive gums. FRESH IT is also enriched with a peppermint flavour that offers minty fresh breath all day long.

Remember, good hygiene and fresh breath always brings a boost of confidence. Using an effective mouthwash like FRESH IT means you no longer have to worry about offending people without knowing it. FRESH IT ensures that you can carry on worry-free conversations, even in close-up moments.

For more information about FRESH IT and Stanhome World Philippines, visit the Stanhome World Philippines Facebook Fan Page, email or contact 091-STANHOME (0917-8264663). Stanhome FRESH IT is now available through the Stanhome World Independent Supervisors (SIS).

About Stanhome World and Stanhome World Philippines
Stanhome World is an internationally established brand based in Europe. The No. 1 Direct Selling Home Care Company in the European Union, Stanhome World is part the Groupe Yves Rocher group of companies. It carries two (2) successful and fast-growing brands: STANHOME, an extensive line of high-quality and innovative products for home and family strengthened by over 80 years of experience, and KIOTIS, a luxury beauty line boasting of essential oil-based products that serve to boost both beauty and well-being. After years of expanding in other international markets, Stanhome World brings their topnotch work to Asia, with the Philippines as its first home. Stanhome World Philippines boasts of the same quality care brought by its global counterparts, utilizing high European standards to help benefit Filipino families all over the nation

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

3M revolutionizes floor and surface stripping with “green” pads that need no chemicals

True or False?  The fastest, easiest and cheapest way to remove floor wax and finish residues from floors is to use floor stripping chemicals. The answer? Maybe. But many popular stripping agents can actually be harmful to human health and the environment because of their strong chemical content. Many of the ingredients believed to help improve our quality of life could in fact threaten our environment. Exposure to chemicals in general -- whether through the skin or the respiratory tract could result in health conditions or diseases over time.

Called Scotch-Brite Surface Preparation Pads (SPP), the revolutionary floor pads require only water, no chemicals, to strip floor surfaces such as PVC tiles, marble, laminated wood and polished concrete, among others. A product of 3M’s Greenovation (short for "green innovation"), the SPP floor pad can deliver the same results as other pads that require chemicals at much less cost.

Usually, industrial stripping is a long process where the area has to be cleared out, protective clothing and gear worn by cleaners, chemicals spread and applied on the floor, and floors repeatedly rinsed to remove chemical residue. Thus, the stripping of wide spaces such as supermarkets, hotel lobbies, and conference halls can be time-consuming and often has to be done at night also because of the chemical stench that can have possible ill effects on health if continuously inhaled. But because the 3M SPP can produce the same results using only water or any neutral detergent, the material costs for stripping, long labor hours, and even the process of a floor overhaul are reduced. There is no need to purchase additional chemical strippers. Any worker or volunteer can do the job as the use of the floor pads does not need advanced or special training.

Here’s an even more pleasant surprise. Another factor that makes the 3M SPP unique is that it’s three times more aggressive and six times more durable than other stripping pads at only 2% of the cost. Without the need for using chemicals, the SPP can cover a wider floor space faster and easier for less! Best of all, this new 3M Greenovation is safer for both humans and the environment. For more information about 3M SPP, visit Because of the urgent need to protect the environment and provide safe products for human use, 3M has introduced a revolutionary stripping pad that does not need chemicals to prepare floors for  polishing. 

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